open gardens

research tools that they would like to make

putting technological & non-tech people.

alphabet as organizing projects

alphabet garden: a real garden, someone who works for civic actions. blogging about the garden by letter, then starting over after Z, facilitating community storytelling – aha! give people prompts to get themselves going.

command line = chef knife (I would love to be able to take a command line 101 class)

she’s a museum person! background in explaining science – how can that be done with technology?

explaining memory links & garbage collection using bunnies. inspired by commoncraft videos

resource sharing technologies



fun games with git, “cubby holes” – “nobody wants to waste their time learning something useless”

human internet game – using real people to act out aspects of the internet. “what’s going on behind the beachball” (oh, freegeek chicago)

web-based irc – and using chat, skype, etc to talk about what was going on with irc.

chach is very enthusiastic, but this is a little drifty.

“spot-check” on individual learning projects.

jing – free cross-platform for making screencasts – free is 5 mins/200mb only, but that’s actually a plus, makes you condense. takes 1-2 hrs to make a really good 2-5 mins vid.

“lab hours”

she just jumped past the concept of “neutral space” – wonder what’s that about.

I wonder if we should have “scrum” meetings in our department: what you did, what you will do, what’s blocking you – under 15 mins total meeting.

to be honest, I think I got more out of the conversation we had hanging out in the lobby.

web widgets module – embed drupal content on another site – gives you a script to use on wordpress, etc, tho not facebook

about 50 people involved – 10 learners – plus mentors, etc. just about the right size for a single main teacher.

where from here:

she’s delightful but rambly!