keynote – Angela Byron

waking up, sorta.

saving just because.

wishing I’d spent some more time looking up what to do around here.

webchick! (ie, Angela Byron)

(would it be totally dorky to have her sign the book?)

community makes the project. community > technology. (which fits with one of my pet theories.) just shy of a million users on

OMG super qte cat figs!

Do-ocracy – illustrated with the Rosie the Riveter graphic. no one being paid to care about core, or most modules. wtf is that flow chart?

she was a serious f’ng geek – debian (?) linux on 7 floppy disks? “was that guy” re evangelizing free software, starting in 1995 – but didn’t contribute to anything until 2005.

doesn’t want that to be anybody else’s story.

1. see something & say “that’s dumb”

2. I want to see that fixed

3. can do something about it. – but NOT just code! even includes a well-written bug support. “rate of swear words per minutes” (as a usability measure?!)

don’t have to be einstein, lots of “everyone else” – wisdom of crowds.

gina the genius story. but NO. edwina the end user, filing a bug report. (well, in that case I guess I HAVE contributed) and paula the programmer, tatiana the tester, saying WTF? and iterative cycle. Wendy stuck on Windows XP. 🙂 “also, mind your spelling” and so on and so forth.

what is contribution? ginormous list! (issue queue farming?)

the myth of “they” – “there is no cabal” (ala MeFi!)

pie chart that’s basically just one thing: downloaded software. 0.05% registered AND did something with their account.

“you and your fancy ways”

answer 1 support request a day. 12000+ people who can’t figure out how to install drupal!

make progress on one issue per day. (views or another module you know well) mark duplicate, answer support request, etc.

when you learn something new, document it as you go. (which sometimes I do for myself!) ah, the curse of knowledge!

“I’m going to tell that you’re using WP” (guy next to me) 🙂


secret to drupal success: being part of the 0.05%. gives others more incentive to help you, not “newb” but time management thing. learn faster, and save time/money. (more of the networking thing) get more business, attract better people. (WIIFM) keep yr finger on the pulse of drupal, and gives you stronger voice in project.

/contribute – places to jump in. but she prefers /community-initiatives. highlights things that are important.

seek out doers in the areas you’re interested in.

don’t wait for approval.

use the issue queue. (I think I’ve mentioned on twitter that I’m amused by having a bookmark labeled “my issues” – oh, hey, that feeds issue is fixed, isn’t it?)

irc. the people side of things. if it’s got to do w/actual issue, make sure it gets back in the queue!

oh, there’s another irc #drupal-pnw.

trade caring about other people’s patches. 🙂

awesome asshat graphic. a lot about giving people slack and providing guidance. tells the perfectionist pete vs sloppy sam story. which tho I’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating to myself, as I have a tendency to go off into a corner by myself.

(saving out of nervousness)

so nobody likes cvs. migrating to git. (I’ve been trying to figure out how the hell revision control works for years now.) “jangly things” multiple copies of the repository, easier to rename files. “break things w/out actually breaking things” “I keep saying I’m going to fix forums, and it never happens” exportable configurations. “butler” refactor something (some jerk w/phone talked over part of that)

I’m pretty excited now, actually.

5 things excited about in D7: image handling in core; usability improvements; automated testing framework; cck in core – fields can be added to anything, not just nodes; under-the-hood improvements for themers (actually, that sounds DELIGHTFUL). “it’s all great!”