design reset

For the time being, I’m using somebody else’s theme. Nice & plain, all text, altho I find the font a bit small.

I took the tweet digests out of the RSS feed and off of the homepage. If I find them distracting/annoying, I can’t imagine what anyone else is thinking!

I have some sketches for a new design, but I think I’m going to have to start from scratch. Again.

(Update: WTF? Archives page is broken. Grrrr.)

2 Replies to “design reset”

  1. I actually really like the way it looks right now. Very clean. The font isn’t too small for me, and I’m blind as hell.

  2. The font in this theme seems to vary a LOT between browsers…or operating systems…or something.

    I definitely want to go for something “clean” — but there’s a certain point of pride for me in designing my own theme. 🙂

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