If you worked 20 hours per week, what would you do more of?

To start with, I imagine I'd spent a LOT more time on my home and garden. I have a to-do list that stretches on towards infinity. Once that was manageable, I still want to spend more time enjoying my garden than I do now.

I'd like to put more concentrated time into some of the volunteering that I'm currently just floating long with. Same deal with side projects. I wouldn't mind taking a class or two, or of course spending more time cycling. And enjoying all those things with C.

But what I most want to do more of is writing. These long stretches go by in which I write nothing — or almost nothing — and I think that maybe I don't care about it any more. But then I get into a long blog post, or do something crazy like NaNoWriMo, and I realize that I love putting ideas together with words. So more of that.