micro-notes from the rest of drupal minicamp

overheard: interesting note, survey of CMS users at UW, drupal users had the highest level of satisfaction.

flex & drupal? services module.

mahalie has notes on ldap integration.

I thought I had more notes, but maybe they went away when I shut down the laptop on the bus. Stuff from drewish’s presentation on files & images in D7. From what I remember, it sounded pretty good, some obvious stuff (like being able to manage uploaded files w/in Drupal!) being added. Oh, and learning how to use IRC. 🙂

I was a little spacey/logey in the afternoon, probably because I had a little too much Indian food with Kat at lunch. So much so that when we got together for “dinner,” it ended up being walking around downtown followed by a slice of fruit tart & a mocha. Gorgeous, gorgeous sunset, and a great time sitting in the window at La Panier and crowd-watching.

More than anything else, I left minicamp feeling more confident about my Drupal project(s), and more aware of the other people out there doing this stuff. I’d love to pull together an event down here…maybe bring in both the Portland & Seattle communities?