micro-notes from the rest of drupal minicamp

overheard: interesting note, survey of CMS users at UW, drupal users had the highest level of satisfaction.

flex & drupal? services module.

mahalie has notes on ldap integration.

I thought I had more notes, but maybe they went away when I shut down the laptop on the bus. Stuff from drewish’s presentation on files & images in D7. From what I remember, it sounded pretty good, some obvious stuff (like being able to manage uploaded files w/in Drupal!) being added. Oh, and learning how to use IRC. 🙂

I was a little spacey/logey in the afternoon, probably because I had a little too much Indian food with Kat at lunch. So much so that when we got together for “dinner,” it ended up being walking around downtown followed by a slice of fruit tart & a mocha. Gorgeous, gorgeous sunset, and a great time sitting in the window at La Panier and crowd-watching.

More than anything else, I left minicamp feeling more confident about my Drupal project(s), and more aware of the other people out there doing this stuff. I’d love to pull together an event down here…maybe bring in both the Portland & Seattle communities?

General discussion Q&A

what’s up with all the checkboxes on roles & cck?

“hooks” — hook form alter, any module that uses drupal forms api (which shd be any)

3 drupal statements: there probably a module for that, somebody should write a module for that, patches welcome. 🙂

bad open source naming! (fck, gimp) discussion of xinha, tiny mce, tiny tiny mce, fsck.

serialized data in database: module to pull it out? (I know nothing about serializing), use hook_form_alter to create an extra table?

wysiwyg api will be built into future core (maybe 7, probably 8). licensing issues related to GPL & Drupal, jquery became dual-licensed in order to be included in Drupal core. glad I haven’t yet installed a wysiwyg module.

drupal & xss? where does the coding happing? filter on output. (srsly? hrm.) text filter in D7. and then formats. (module that turns everything into pirate-speak?!) for security, lullabot has some podcasts on security? mahalie went to their training in portland, said they spent a big chunk of time on security issues. apparently was a good training all around. (if I ever get to go anywhere again….)

anti-spamming module mollom. like akismet? yes.

always wrap input if writing modules. handbook entry called “writing secure code”

discussion of hosting, in which I kinda drifted off, mostly about media temple. some serious harshing on GoDaddy “we charge extra to work with them”

custom error module vs htacess? is it best to have your 404 page in the CMS? if using core feature, blocks don’t get built. (I gotta go deal with that at some point.) use Excel to build the redirect thing when I switch over? I like that. also, path redirect module.

stuff about pivot tables (SQL, not Excel) & taxonomy? not sure I understand.

tables to know about re: nodes — nodes table and node revisions table. that 2nd one actually stores the node’s content.

conceptualizing a node: page, unit of content, database record, bucket. (somebody needs to make an LOL with the bukkit walrus.)

is there an ERD (database design) for drupal? well, bicycle factory: especially, cck. brain-bending talk about how cck works in re: the actual database.

theming node add with cck? (vs custom node) can be done, might take more time. (form_alter?) pre-render hook? custom code on top of cck. hrm. but benefits outweigh probs. “display:none [css] is your friend” ok, so she’s using form_alter to move around stuff like taxonomy, workflow, that are hard (impossible?) to move using weights.

best way to import legacy content? (I think I have some notes.) Katherine wouldn’t use node import for complicated sites. 1st 2 lines of index.php will run drupal bootstrap, stick them in a separate file, pull data from wherever, mock up a node object, use node_save and/or node_submit. webchick on IRC freaking out abt trying to import nodes. just not a clean process. SQL to SQL? not recommended, because touching so many things. (ugh.) omg this all sounds crazy. so not looking forward to that part. but HTF do you “mock up a node object”? but give node import a try, esp for not-so-complex stuff. (seems like people don’t submit their patches back, because people use it in a panic situation.) but edge cases have big edges. 🙂 sometimes it’s cheaper to hire an intern. if you are a programmer, not *that* hard to mock up a node object.

sorta segue into discussion of ubercart.

eta for drupal 7? might see a lot of leapfrogging people upgrading directly from D5.

going to go get a snack, restroom break. then decide where to wander. 🙂