WaSP annual meeting

Molly calls everybody up front, I shout that we have power, and zeldman’s voice is very ragnarok-like on the mike.


started selfishly, no particular understanding of the real benefits of standards. were rebellious 14-year-olds because they had no hope. so to speak.

funny story about being anonymous. WaSP: “oh, Glen’s thing.” but now there’s the perception that it’s his thing, but it isn’t and wasn’t really. by being helpful, offering suggestions for improvement instead of ranting.


published all on the same day (bunch of different sites/lists) when they announced the WaSP.

John Allsop (?), people doing things idealistically is the herding cats thing. Z recruited him. a lot of people fought a lot of battles, and Z was the general. looking back on 1997-1998…which is where I got started.

MS gets a round of applause. (?)

lesson that we learned, and are now having to learn them over again. CSS Samurai.

man, my wrists are killing me today.

his claim to fame: introducing Z & Eric Meyer.

“good luck to the next lot”

steve champeon. funny story much like zeldman’s.

andy clarke. silly (fictional?) story. history of the wasp site. (ah, I remember that turn of the century orange look….)

pulled out of room by phone call, came in to unveiling of new design. very sexy.

kim…wouldn’t be where she is today w/out Duran Duran, Molly, and something else that I missed. AOL gave her the free time. 😛 very oscar-like speech.

new site has comments. (keep sharp objects away from Steve Champeon.)

“in these times a conversation has to happen for things to get done”

a new era!

WaSP roll call. oh, hey, that’s photomatt. I should go tell him thank you.

most frequest comments: how can I get involved? you should have a task force for $i.

what about handheld/mobile? kelly goto has contacted them about coordination of a renewed TF.

represents french-speaking people, has been translating wasp stuff into french. how can they mimic what wasp is doing? want to have more internationalized presence!

government, policy makers, etc. Justin Stockton. go find him later.

addition: Europe needs a lot of work.

workflow problems. project mgmt applied to web site design/development. xhtml wireframing, christina wodke. yeah, I saw her present on that at webvisions, that was cool.

boeing in getting to standards took a year to work with their CMS.

it’s 5 after, and I need to go….