global/local play

omg I met zeldman at the break. (he happens to be a midget.) plus kottke.

danah boyd & panel.

global vs. local. myspace, using the net to connect with people you already know. and play. video games, online gaming, etc. we continue on playing the rest of our lives.

big green stickers. an all-woman panel.

40 million people move every year, although the number has reduced over the last 5 yrs. “moving is almost universally annoying” (as C’s mom says: 2 moves is as good as a fire.)

learning the new place vs. nostalgia for the place you left behind. (sometimes I still miss living in the stadium district.)

why am I not able to get to the net?

moving physical locations causes you to change yourself, re-evaluate. I find just going on a faraway vacation does the same thing.

meeting new people is probably the hardest thing. (hell yeah. I still don’t have my own independent network in Oly.)

“collaborate tangible interfaces” keeps repeatedly stumbling on it in her work.

difference between calculator & abacus, the incidental uses. I still can’t get online. 🙁

missed a bit…something about social work (not “social work”), distilled in moments of playing, exists in a continuum, but pushes the boundaries in collaboration.

liz lawley is substituting. “because I’m not a graduate student and I have tenure, I didn’t do any research beforehand”

world of warcraft + her kids + moving to seattle. using space to try aspects of identity. which is okay if it’s people I don’t know, but not so much with kids, spouse, coworkers. I have this issue with my blogging identity vs. my in-person life.

is it fun anymore if she has to supervise her kids in WoW?

conference issues, abandonment, etc. w/family, but “will you meet us online?” was a good temporary substitute. (C & I have been gtalking off & on. she talks about avatars & social space levelling, with im it levels out some of our communication issues.)

danah: as designers, what do we need to be responsible for?

wacky game. green stickers, secrets. lots of laughter. my secret seems to have disappeared. (no, I’m not going to tell you.)

breaking social norms.

this is actually too interesting & emotionally engaging to take a lot of notes. the issues of physicality, reminds me of some issues from Emergence, IIRC

reminded somebody of Postsecret. many many people in the room have seen it. but most of those secrets are really depressing. most of them here, because of the context, are more goofy. online posting vs. postsecret where every postal worker in between can see your secret as it goes in.

liz had to skip back one secret a few times.

how does massive experience in virtual worlds change how people socialize in person? danah pretends to be jane. yes, it does change…she designs games to work on that.

are you designing to help people interact in a more fun interesting way?

as people got comfortable, secrets moved faster.

how can we modify it for different behavior?

(I said that I let go of my secret, which was difficult, and felt freed.)

out of time!

…this one I need to get some time to process, maybe late tonight in my room.

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  1. thank you for sharing that. rangnorok-like rumble indeed.

    and thank you SO much for the halcyon recommendation. it’s almost like a 2nd home now!

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