a pre-review review

I’m on Chapter 6, and I’ve realized that one of the things I appreciate about this book is his use of pseudo-code: “In plain English, this is what I’m going to do:” and so on.

JavaScript is admittedly one of my personal challenges, but I’ve already had several aha! moments, and I think I might actually know what I’m doing by the time I finish.

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  1. D’oh! I never mentioned the name of the book…it’s Jeremy Keith’s DOM Scripting, which continues fabulous.

  2. I had a feeling that might be the book. I thought it was excellent, particularly for people like us who’ve dismissed Javascript in the past as mainly useful for making bologna dance.

  3. Exactly. Funny thing today: I was raving about it to my assistant, who nodded and said “I know” — turns out he went out and bought a copy himself and is working through it as well. Had much the same reaction, too.

    (I wrote my first script from (mostly) scratch today!)

  4. I particularly like his recasting of AJAX as Hijaax, where you code a site to work without Javascript, then sprinkle on the clever AJAXy bits in a way that doesn’t prevent the site from working with non-AJAXy browsers. In fact, the whole book seems to be infused with this progressive enhancement idea, and I really like that. One of the reasons I’ve avoided Javascript over the years is that it makes a site inaccessible if you’ve got Javascript turned off. Jeremy’s approach completely does away with that concern.

    I’ve been pushing the book to my co-workers. There’s one guy I work with who is a total Javascript head. Heck of a programmer. But it’s all old-style. I’ve recommended the book to him to update his mad koding skillz. He’s too busy getting his head around CSS at the moment though. It’s funny; we have very different approaches to creating pages, but we’re both feeding off the differences in the way we work to upgrade our own skills. I keep asking him Javascript questions, and he keeps asking me CSS questions, and it’s been a huge help to both of us.

  5. Unrelated note; I just noticed that the timestamps on your comments are a bit off. You’ve got the date repeating rather than printing the time for your second part of the timestamp.

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