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lazyweb? are you there?

the author is weary of google searches with no useful results. can you help?

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I’m trying to improve our computer setup at home, and I’m ultra-stumped by two Thunderbird-related issues:

# is there a non-convoluted way to get Thunderbird address books synchronized across multiple computers where the accounts are POP?
# HTF do you get encryption working in Tbird?! (I am super-mega-baffled.)

Any (and I mean *any*) ideas, links, directions, etc. will be greatly appreciated!

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One Response to “lazyweb? are you there?”

  1. Elaine says:

    here are the answers:

    # he wasn’t looking for synchonization, only to get the address book from one computer transfered to another. that’s easy (address book -> tools -> export)
    # Windows Privacy Tools + Enigmail