tonight was a good evening for craft. we built a table together, out of pieces of a defunct Ikea bed and the big tabletop thing we used to put on top of a giant cardboard box. now it looks darn near elegant…and it folds, which is nearly as good as being on wheels.

I’m getting crafty with code again, too; finally going back to my work on my little book/movie review program. it does almost all the basics (display, search, post, edit), so I can clean up the code and then look towards things I *really* want to do with it. Like pull movie titles from Netflix and book titles from the library. Like some kind of textile/markdown formatting. Like a properly formed Atom feed. Like a way to associate books together loosely, not just by category or tag, but by how they remind me of each other. But that last is probably way too meta for me to play with for a while yet.

so it’s good just to bask in the craftiness.