let’s not do that again

Today I had one of those headaches that I get every once in a while that just lays me completely flat. As in, can’t even look at the screen because the white light makes things dance behind my eyeballs. As in, neither sound nor silence is bearable. As in, leaving work early and going to bed.

I thought I’d figured it out and could make it home on the bus (because I don’t want to wait for a taxi like I did the last time, and don’t want to waste the gas on our car), only as the bus I was on pulled into the transit center, the bus I *wanted* to be on next was pulling out. And they only run that one every few hours during the middle of the day. So I broke down and called C and he came to get me, all solicitousness and neck rubs.

Then home, and Excedrin, and more back rubs, and a nap, and now I feel a little more like a human being, and a little less like someone who’s been stabbed in the side of the head with an iron spike.

Thank goodness for that.

I will note that the headaches are picking up in frequency again as they did, not this last spring but the year before. I think I need to start keeping a headache diary again, and to get back to my neck & back exercises. I’ve definitely slipped…something bad enough to send me home from work hasn’t happened for a long, long time.

(and, whoa, just crackled my neck, and that was the last lovely bit of coming back to myself. hurrah.)

Maybe later I can finally write that post that was floating in my head on the van this morning, about things I’m enjoying about fall.