Eric Rice (audioblog.com), Matt May, who’s the 3rd guy?

“automatic delivery of media files” — that’s the best description I’ve heard yet.

sparkcasting…beercasts. sounds like that comedy central show where the guy travels around at night.

“staccato.”:http://staccatomusic.org/ Oh, I’ve seen that one before, I’d just forgotten about it. Oh, the “podcast feed” is just RSS.

Okay, why is this such a big deal?!?!?! It’s just blogging with sound…oh, maybe I should upgrade iTunes…

So it’s switching from the technical to basic how to be a radio person…how to talk, better interviewing techniques. Just keep trying & get better.

“okay, we’re done: any questions?”

radio voices? don’t worry about it! smart interesting people sometimes have lackluster voices, can be more important to be good about having something to say, interviewing, etc.

basically, some people are interested in writing, some people are interested in talking or sharing music. that’s the only difference.

q: how to tell if you’re telling a story well? focus groups, if you don’t see anyone moved, then you’re not doing a good job. (like my old writing groups, or even learning from that performance art class in high school!)

q: workflow? esp. in remote locations? carry a microphone & little tape recorder, brute force method. “as long as it’s audible it’s okay.” (good enough seems to be the motto of the web.)

I missed a question or two in tweaking my notes.

something about audience…the audience of mom & best friend is okay too. (hi, guys!)

“we don’t offer value” — but ministers are using it, here’s my daily sermon. (OMG. I wish my grandpa were still alive; I’m not a Christian, but so help me, I’d subscribe to his sermons.)

q: how is anybody going to make money? most people might not…but big names could. Howard Stern, WSJ? private, niche comment. some people will pay.

q: transcripting, searchability? (from Dartmouth guy in front of me) imbedded talk show in events: transcribe everything. (that’s sparkcasting.) MCMatt is hoping metadata will catch up. iTunes has support for chaptering (in AAC format only). he transcribes himself or gets listener transcription (fanscription) for things with “lasting value.” compares to fan subtitling of anime. capabilities of systems to emerge from community of practice (!!!!!). findability may never be what it is for text, just by the nature of the thing.

podscope, searching thru podcasts. not thru transcription, searching, kinda like OCR for audio. (hmmmmmm.) searching for “umm” 🙂

q: ???? something about repurposing rss.

sexiness of name. audioblogging vs. podcasting. it’s the same fricking thing.

q: do’s & don’ts? don’t play major label music, ask permissions from independents. old model doesn’t have space for it, legally. then a rant about crappy modern radio. no other rules. “ultimately something’s got to give here” (MCMatt) streaming licensing scheme, mechanical reproduction scheme, neither matches the model.

q: where do I find what I want? podcastalley, podcastpickle, odeo, itunes…. depends what you’re into. (is that Keith R. with his hand up?)

q: editing software? adobe audition on PC ($300), audacity (free), garage band (mac only), audioblog.com, audio hijack pro ($30) for interviews with VoIP (and a bunch of other stuff).

q: aggregator issues? RSS playlists? webjay does spif. 3 things will break this out: itunes, IE7, atom. atom allows multiple encloses to be able to do track-by-track w/in a post. rss ubiquity in longhorn. (sigh. joke from dartmouth guy about longhorn in ’09 or ’10.)

q: what about major label stuff with live365? streaming, live stuff. but crappy for what you pay for.

q: rambling questions about alacarte consumption, major media outlets…oh, hey, NPR podcasts. (dude. now I get it. which means yet another thing to suck me into the internets.)

another bit of distraction on my part.

q: how will podcasting develop in comparison to blogging: big money has showed up so quickly? (mhowie) not always going to be participatory (blogging): mh: I find it more intimidating the whole podcasting thing. probably won’t be as many podcasters as bloggers.