go me!

I know, I don’t usually talk about work, but I’m so happy about this little success that I just have to share. 🙂

we have this events calendar, which I wrote, so I can say that it’s a jumbled mess. if I knew then what I know now, etc., etc., etc.

at one point I was thinking of upgrading it, but that seemed daunting to the point of insanity. so instead I’ve been looking around at various PHP-based calendars, trying to find the right blend of functions, look & feel, and so on.

finally I settled on VTCalendar, which has the extra appeal of being from another college, and thus designed with the strange needs of higher ed in mind. the other possibility about it that appealed to me was the idea of LDAP authentication, which I’ve never tried in a PHP app.

and _that_ has been a strange adventure…but today I got it to work, which just makes me inordinately happy.