an equation for productivity

short Fridays + free wifi + multiple cups of earl grey + C talking tech with another FGOly volunteer = getting lots of work done on a personal project

I got the FGOly volunteer application working, if not particularly lovely, and I’m starting to do the write-up for the overall “volunteer application project”: — it’s fascinating for me to document my own thought processes as I work on a project.

# I’ve been making these little things for several years now, but never with the direct thought of explaining it to anyone else.
# I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants developer (“Alex King’s thoughts on this”: are worth considering in context here)
# I like writing, dammit. and I like making little web apps, so it’s 2 great things that go well together. (I also appreciate the process of self-discovery in general, so throw that on top.)

and when they get done talking, whenever that turns out to be, I’ll be biking home, which I also love….

I’m volunteering for something called a multimodal access project, which will involve biking all over the place noting the quality of bike/ped trails, trail entry points, etc.

oh, and this morning I rode my bike to the vanpool and back, which was *awesome* — I got to work with enough energy that I left the rest of the vanpool in the dust walking up the stairs. (yep, gimpy-girl is now taking the stairs!) and got home a little sweaty but very happy. so equation 2:

lots of cycling + sufficient sleep + stretching + crazy summer light + fluoxetine = an Elaine with joy in life.

I have more thoughts (did I say lots of earl grey tea?), but I want to jump back to my documentation process….