music meme — I’m finally it!

I’ve been sorting of waiting/hoping for the music meme to wend its way towards me, and “Dylan was the one who passed the baton”: — so here it is:

*total volume of music on my computer:* approx 4 gb, depending on which computer, drive, etc., but that seems to remain pretty steady…although I haven’t finished ripping my CD collection.

*last CD I bought:* yipes…don’t even know the answer to this one. my music collection has been pretty steady-state for at least the last two years. I think the last one might have been a Gang of Four compilation that I bought for C in Portland…last summer.

*favorite song from that album:* I’m actually not that big a fan of that particular album (a little punk for my tastes), but I Love a Man in a Uniform is always good.

*song playing now:* none. I’m downtown with the laptop, and all the music is on the home system.

*songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot:* I’ve got a little mp3 player for my phone that I load up with a slightly different mix every couple of months and listen to in the vanpool, so most of these are from the current blend:

# “Touch Me Fall” by the Indigo Girls — a sentimental favorite that always reminds me of H.E.A.
# “Nervous Tension” by Lemon Jelly — puts me in the happy trance.
# “Amnesia” by Chumbawumba — totally singable, and harshing on society to boot (I think),
# “Love Supreme” or “Rock DJ” by Robbie Williams — reminds me of dancing, which I sort of miss, also of Joe, who I also sort of miss. 😉
# “Good Person Inside” — by Jill Sobule. I actually haven’t ripped this one from CD yet, but I was flipping through my disks and found the album, and had forgotten how hummable this is. Also, of course, has a specific personal memory attached.
# Anything off of Play by Moby. Totally overplayed, but I love that album…and it’s one that C & I can agree on whole-heartedly.

I suppose I’m supposed to tag now….

* “Dorothea”:
* “Kat”:
* “Joe”:
* “Kermit”:
* “Ralph”: (or has he done this already?)

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