things that are pretty

I’m using the “greasemonkey script to beautify wp-admin”: and it’s quite lovely. a little startling, and certainly more “mac-like” than most of my computing experiences, but still very nice.

never did get a photo of my amazing flower bouquet that was in my office all week; it was all pink & blue, with white accents: daisies (or something) painted daisies, snapdragons, bachelor’s buttons, oriental poppies (in pink/white!), fleabane, and a pink flower that I have no idea what it is. (will need to get a picture.)

all in the blue vase that Cindy from the old days at UWPC gave me when grandpa n died.

in a week or two it should be more white/orange flowers…the oriental lillies and shasta daisies are getting ready to bloom, while the pink daisies are at the end of their season. already.

the other thing I didn’t get a picture of is the zucchini flowers in bloom last weekend; they haven’t been quite as stunning since. I think we will have many, many zucchini this summer. I know that’s usually a gardening lament, but it’s been more than 10 years for me, so I’m looking forward to it quite eagerly.

last week was a very good week, this week not so much. started badly with almost no sleep Sunday night (stupid cats) and it kinda floundered from there. work, at least, has been productive, even if my office is *still* too hot. I’m hoping to recoup some of my energy this weekend. ::fingers crossed::