post-headache blahs

woke at 4 am feeling as though my skull had been removed, a hat of pain set directly onto my brain, and then my skull rather ineptly wrapped back on. yay.

this time I tried the muscle relaxants and C. gave me various sorts of massage, which worked well enough for me to get a little sleep before I had to get up this morning.

today was also my first appointment with the chiropractor. I suppose I was almost glad to be going in in the wake of a bad headache, as a reminder of what it felt like and what I need to deal with.

an excellent experience, in several ways….

the appointment took longer than I expected, but most of that was in evaluation and explanation, which I really appreciated — having various ranges of motion measured, being (gently) poked and prodded. (wow, I’ve been really stiff!)

then he “adjusted” me — not very many pops, especially in the lower bits of my back, but what he did with my neck actually made me cry. a whole series of snaps, like a bendy straw being expanded, that released a flood of emotion…not any particular emotion, but the state of emoting. I didn’t cry long or hard, but I found I couldn’t express myself for a few minutes after that.

now I have that light semi-lucid post-headache feeling — in spades. I want either sugar or sleep.