I {heart} open source

I sent Adam, the developer of Pages, a little note to let him know that I’d installed it and was enjoying using it, and with a couple of my (minor) gripes. He wrote back quite speedily; it sounds like he’s already working on them, which is pretty cool.

And then I went back to the Pages site, and noticed that (a) the design has changed, and for the better (very pretty!) and (b) Beta 6.03 is already out (I have 5.0). I’m curious about the plugins concept, but I think I’m going to wait to upgrade until he adds Textile support. After all, I’m still ironing out the design, so it’s no big to wait a little longer.

(0n that note, anybody know why the Simple Tabs-style navigation doesn’t play nice with stuff right underneath it? frankly, I feel as though I were in 7th grade prealgebra trying to make everything add up to figure out where the extra bit of space on :hover comes from!)