moderation is a virtue

since this morning I got my first comment spam on this blog, I’ve now turned on moderation. this means that no comment will appear until I’ve approved it, which I like because it means no spam here, ever. but I don’t like it because it means no sidebar chit-chat (assuming there were ever to be such a thing) can appear in my absence. but there’s no other option, really. I need to be a hard-@ss now, before anything ugly happens.

2 Replies to “moderation is a virtue”

  1. I wonder if any blogware supports something akin to PGP key verification… that could be a fun little way to instantly “okay” a comment.

  2. that’s weird…I thought it was going to hold the comment for approval. maybe I don’t understand how it works in wordpress. (hm.)

    pb has written about pgp-enhanced comments off and on for a while (actually, I’d missed that one!) …I need to resubscribe to him, I think.

    of course, that actually means getting my brain around the whole pgp thing, but that’s what life as a techno-geek is about, right? 😉

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