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Archives for March 2004

so lazy it’s painful

I was going to put together a big snapping links post with a bunch of stuff I’ve read today, but now my instinct is to just say f*** it and save it all as a bookmarked group of tabs, because I’m too tired to think of good parenthetical comments or to write an excerpt/summary that […]


Spring is coming along quite nicely; I should have pictures of my daffodils, crocuses, and maybe even tulips soon. This year I’m trying for a vegetable garden, planting from seed, which is essentially new to me, and that’s doing well too. You wouldn’t know it today, but we’ve had darn good spring weather so far; […]

i feel like writing

but I don’t have anything to say, or at least not anything to say publically. no hat of pain today, chiro tomorrow, game Saturday. need to finish getting my (new!) character ready. been reading Raven Alder’s stuff (found by way of Dorothea). my home office is filled with stacks of paper, and I can’t get […]

hat of pain update

(writing here because I’m inbetween paper journals; usually I’d just as soon not write about my headaches here, but I want to keep track.) another 4 am headache; didn’t take anything this time, which I’m thinking was stupid. more nausea/stomach upset this time, also not so much on the top of my head as right […]

holy moses!

and he’d implemented Textile support by the time I got back to my email. nice.

I {heart} open source

I sent Adam, the developer of Pages, a little note to let him know that I’d installed it and was enjoying using it, and with a couple of my (minor) gripes. He wrote back quite speedily; it sounds like he’s already working on them, which is pretty cool. And then I went back to the […]

post-headache blahs

woke at 4 am feeling as though my skull had been removed, a hat of pain set directly onto my brain, and then my skull rather ineptly wrapped back on. yay. this time I tried the muscle relaxants and C. gave me various sorts of massage, which worked well enough for me to get a […]

moderation is a virtue

since this morning I got my first comment spam on this blog, I’ve now turned on moderation. this means that no comment will appear until I’ve approved it, which I like because it means no spam here, ever. but I don’t like it because it means no sidebar chit-chat (assuming there were ever to be […]

ye olde markup

tonight I was looking for a Word document that I wrote at least 5 or 6 years ago…which means at least 5 or 6 computers ago. something for the game (we’re ditching Greyhawk in favor of the world that I made up for our last long-term game). I didn’t find it, but I did find […]


as should be blazingly obvious, I’ve been working through the templates in all of the various tools that i’m using, trying to get a unified site design. I found myself doing something unexpected: not using a single PHP template file…there were just too many slightly different conditions amongst the various tools and their output. I […]