i feel like writing

but I don’t have anything to say, or at least not anything to say publically. no hat of pain today, chiro tomorrow, game Saturday. need to finish getting my (new!) character ready. been reading Raven Alder’s stuff (found by way of Dorothea).

my home office is filled with stacks of paper, and I can’t get at my beading things through the stacks. (oh, and I don’t have a good exercise space either.) something to do on Sunday, then?

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  1. I know that you screen these or something before they go up, so instead of tryin to figure out which e-mail address to write you at, I’ll just write you here… which is more fun anyway.

    I think it would be great if you came up and stayed the night sometime soon… like a Saturday ( I know the busses are weird, but if need be I’ll drive you home myself sunday morning). I think it would be great if you brought some of your recent writing (like a really pivotal scene) and we could do some critique, talk about characters and web stuff, play some Dance Dance Revolution, make dinner using fine Market ingredients… you know, GIRL STUFF. Just you and me.

    I’m especially interested in the writing, because it’s literally been years since we’ve shared our work.

    So what’re you doing this weekend? This hell job is ending Friday and I feel like celebrating… Looks like it’ll be rainy, so you won’t miss any yardwork… what’d you say? Gimme a call, let me know.

    –The Mysterious Stranger

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