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Archives for April 2003

a bittersweet moment (which got more bitter as I wrote it)

I saw two things today that made me a little sad. – To Make Them Monumental – The story behind Robin McKinley’s Rose Daughter The first stanza of the poem in the first link is pretty much where my head is right now, after having several dreams in the last week featuring someone I’d just […]

new tech toy of sorts

we bought an HP all-in-one (print/scan/copy, no fax) the other day, and this evening I finally hooked it up and tried it out. darn easy…I think they’ve finally gotten that plug and play thing worked out. 😉 (as opposed to the ongoing madness with our home network modem/router scene, which is almost back to square […]


I think I finally got my photo album script put together the way I want it with my latest album – good alt text, finally, and thumbnails instead of a list of titles. yay me. 🙂

a little less mullet-like

okay, so if I let my hair air-dry, it actually looks pretty good. (god help me, I got a compliment on it yesterday.) I hope tomorrow is nice weather, ’cause it’s procession of the species (could they have more sliced images?!) tomorrow afternoon/evening, and I want to go. with camera, of course. (must make sure […]

now I have a mullet

I haven’t had my hair cut in something like seven or eight months, except for my bangs, which I cut once myself, then had professionally trimmed, then trimmed myself several times up until about two months ago. today I went to a hair salon around the corner… initially, a great experience: I’d forgotten how much […]

more thoughts about stories that may or may not be told

I’m staying away from the whole voice/lies/literature thing that’s been bouncing between burningBird, Jonathan, stavros, etc. (My only contribution directly is to say that maybe Dorothea had something, talking about learning to read too early, and that I was reading at three as well.) instead, I’m turning towards something that I finally read today which […]

no, I haven’t really been writing

I’ve been surfing a lot, and reading, and watching movies, and playing a little Tropico. (which turns out to be quite entertaining) oh, and cleaning, making food, going to work…yeah, all that fun stuff. I’m again in one of those phases when there just aren’t any words in my head. and since I happen to […]

site tweak

now the album listed as current is generated by a directory-reading script, instead of being manually entered…I just need to find a way to make the title look a little prettier than the directory name. I want to do a few other things – for one, I don’t like how short the blogroll box is; […]

boy are my arms tired

it’s been a full couple of days. Friday evening I went up to Seattle for a meeting of uwebd folks – there were eight of there, including two partners (yes, C. came with, and was quite charming). good conversation, and excellent Chinese food. then I stayed over at Kat’s because she was moving. or something. […]


I was gonna post a new photo album (tulips a-go-go!), but the latest version of my album-making script is on a zip disk, and my computer’s zip disk is being excessively wiggy. so no album yet. maybe tomorrow?