boy are my arms tired

it’s been a full couple of days. Friday evening I went up to Seattle for a meeting of uwebd folks – there were eight of there, including two partners (yes, C. came with, and was quite charming). good conversation, and excellent Chinese food.

then I stayed over at Kat’s because she was moving. or something. she’s been staying with a friend, who’s moving in with her boyfriend, and Kat is taking over the apartment. so there was a storage unit full of stuff which had to go to apartment #1, which was still full of stuff that had to be put in the truck and taken to apartment #2. I left before they finished that last bit, because getting home involves a long bus ride. but all I can say is that I think Kat has a very cool apartment, but when she moves again, she should hire people. (3+ flights of short, uneven stairs with lots of turns.)

oh, and they just finished painting in the building, so all this up and down was accompanied by fumes. bleh. but I’m happy to see her moved…it’s a nice pad.