no, I haven’t really been writing

I’ve been surfing a lot, and reading, and watching movies, and playing a little Tropico. (which turns out to be quite entertaining) oh, and cleaning, making food, going to work…yeah, all that fun stuff. I’m again in one of those phases when there just aren’t any words in my head. and since I happen to be up on a Saturday morning, and not in the mood for cleaning, and it’s still a little chilly for gardening (because I’m a wuss), and I’m waiting for my cheep crappy phone to recharge so I can call my sister because I think we’re going to hang out & watch old live-action Disney movies this afternoon or my neighbor-round-the-corner because I want a recommendation for a hairdresser because if I don’t get my hair cut soon I’m going to chew off my bangs…um, where was I going with this?

yeah, I’m putting some words on the screen. neat, huh?

but I still feel like I don’t have anything to say. doesn’t help that I have a bit of a sinus headache, of course.

maybe I’ll just go putter in the yard while the phone recharges. there’s plenty of morning glory and blackberry to tear out. yeah…why don’t you go look at the new tulip pictures?