new tech toy of sorts

we bought an HP all-in-one (print/scan/copy, no fax) the other day, and this evening I finally hooked it up and tried it out. darn easy…I think they’ve finally gotten that plug and play thing worked out. 😉 (as opposed to the ongoing madness with our home network modem/router scene, which is almost back to square one. yes, C. reformatted his computer recently…he can find the network, but not the internet. dang.)

it’s kinda squeaky, but it works quite well. I copied C’s letter from the chancellor – he got on the dean’s list for last quarter! – to send to his folks, and then printed out one of my pictures from the digital cam. (one that’s not on the web yet.) both turned out quite nicely, especially since I printed on some random resume-style paper that we happened to have laying around.

now I just need to search to find what I did the last time I was having network trouble, and our computer scene will be all happy. (found it! I think power cycling might be a good place to start, but I’m not in the mood quite yet.)