now I have a mullet

I haven’t had my hair cut in something like seven or eight months, except for my bangs, which I cut once myself, then had professionally trimmed, then trimmed myself several times up until about two months ago. today I went to a hair salon around the corner…

initially, a great experience: I’d forgotten how much I like getting my hair done. and it felt wonderful to have all those frizzy split ends snipped off.

but then I realized that something was quite strange, and the hairdresser (one Eric) admitted as much, that my hair had been quite uneven, and strangely layered. all those home trims, I guess. he tried to be as gentle with it as possible, but just to get the front & sides even, and then to get the top cleanly trimmed, I ended up with fairly short sides and significantly more “bangs” than I really wanted.

I was standing in the bathroom at home, staring at my hair, and said “I look like a 70s rocker” (almost glam, I was thinking). and C said, “yeah, I think it’s a mullet.” crap.

it’s hair; it’ll grow. and with the right hat, it looks pretty cute, because now the long bits are smooth and clean and even. I’m figuring I’ll grow it out for a couple of months, go back and get the very front and very back trimmed again, then a couple more months and it’ll be where I want it.

that’s my hair: a long-term project.