the emerging garden

all of these plants were gifts from D. around the corner, who is a great, if not particularly orderly, gardener.

four tulip plants, not yet showing flower buds, come up through aspen leaf litter
tulips are starting to come up….

two green buds peek through the brown and grey leaves
these ones are just barely visible amongst the leaf litter that I buried them in last fall. it doesn’t seem that long ago, and yet it does.

green leaves, a little bit like extra-long blades of grass, come up next to the concrete patio
I’m actually not sure I remember correctly what this is. freesia?

a honeysuckle in a pot sits at the corner of the concrete patio; the lawn stretches out behind it.
this honeysuckle needs to be planted, but I want to get a trellis first. from the scene behind it you can kind of see what we have to work with. I find it a little daunting.