no snow for you!

I’ve been reading people’s entries about the great blizzard of ’03, notably:
Mark P.
Josh Marshall

as I’ve been saying all winter, it’s never, ever going to snow again. Kat said yesterday that she’d heard that there’s been so little snow in Alaska this winter that they had to move the route for the Iditarod sled race. today, here, it’s rain off and on and mid-fifties (F). it’s even starting to feel like spring.

today the “boys” are over to play Axis & Allies with C…I can hear them in the “game room” at the other end of the house, rolling dice and talking smack. I brought in a tray with coffee, etc. earlier, and B. said “Thank you, Mrs. Turbo.” 🙂

I was thinking earlier about going outside & puttering around in my “garden,” but I’m not in the mood to dodge the rain. instead, I’m trying to teach myself Java, but I can’t seem to get my first “hello world” style program to run. (something about “exception in thread main”)

so I’m just enjoying the fact that the house is clean and warm and all the laundry is done and all the dishes are done and my income taxes are done. even if there isn’t any snow. 🙁