and back to the source text…

Joe Clark deconstructs the deconstruction of Deconstructing You’ve Got Blog (ow. that made my head hurt.)

the short version: times have changed. no kidding…I think that’s what bugged me about the essay when I read it the first time, some months back, maybe as long ago as last spring. it seemed to me to reflect a nano-second’s worth of weblogging history, but Joe’s tone had his usual…the word escapes me, maybe something a few degrees shy of dogmatism. which can be so charming, in some circumstances, but occassionally rings wrong.

this snippet intrigued me as much as any of the “fact-checking my arse” stuff, though:

My own high-usage bookmarks (in my browser toolbar rather than in a menu) include 25 heterosexualist bloggers, many of whom I read only rarely and who hold a kind of honorary status, and 26 queer ones I read religiously. But I wager, with some accuracy that I know of, that almost none of the heterosexualists have the queer bloggers on their lists. Theyre a separate species.

That’s why blogrolls are so interesting, or can be, anyway. some people, for whatever reason, have that role as the connector between two social worlds. in a world where “knowing” someone is related to reading his/her work, the people who link to all their “social groups” can bring group A and group B a little closer together.

which is by way of saying that I’d be curious to know who Joe is reading these days.