crankiness, revisited

Mark expands on yesterday’s post: yesterday, it was just the three quotes, now there’s more.

“Do not misunderstand me. I dont think the personal web has become boring. I think I have become boring.”

which I guess is part of why I stopped posting recently as well. sometimes navel-gazing is fun – we are human animals, and part of what makes us human is that we think about ourselves, and our place in the world. but sometimes it’s just tiresome.

as for his question about popularity: “the quality of my chatter is not any higher than the quality of a thousand other peoples chatter” – and yet that chatter hits the top of the charts. here’s my take on it. somebody like Mark gets to be popular because of something like the Addiction essay, or Dive Into Accessibility, and people don’t just stop reading because he’s just writing chatter. after all, when you make friends with someone who’s interesting, you don’t run away when they start talking about what they ate for lunch…usually, you wait to see if they have something better to say, later. (or something like that – I’m not impressed with my own metaphor at this point.)

(I didn’t link to the Synderella post, but it was the first I’d heard of it, so there.)


in a weirdly related note, my phrasing on my previous entry was the text for the #7 entry on blogdex:

screen shot: blogdex on Jan. 20, 2003