ranty goodness

I know it’s my policy not to mention C. around these parts, per his request, but I’m too annoyed.

last night we were sitting around talking about “stuff” and he asked if it would be possible to write a script that would help a prof pick groups of students – one of his was setting groups by picking names out of a hat…. I said, sure, of course – with the (apparently vainglorious) boast that I thought I could kick it out in an hour.

okay, so it took a little longer than that – figuring out how to deal with the remainder (list them as “extra people”? pull them into existing groups?) was more challenging than I’d anticipated. but I finally wrote eGrouper, which is about the dumbest name I’ve ever heard, but it was all I could think of.

so then I tried uploading it to his school server space. stupid server error. grumble grumble. at least it works here!