Jake’s 3xThursday

Four Walls and a Roof

1. Are you happy with the place that you live at now? What is it like?
I have mixed feelings. it’s mine, and that makes me happy, and it has lots of extra rooms and cathedral, which I also like. but it is that 70s house…and it was a rental for a long time…oh, and the kitchen is tiny and poorly designed.

2. Have there been anything that you are not pleased with your place that you have been putting of[f] doing such as improvements and maintenance?
we’ve torn out a lot of little things, if that counts: doors, mostly, especially those stupid sliding closet doors. I’m a little anxious about getting started on anything bigger, although I know what I want to do.

3. Of all the fictional locations in books and cinema what dwelling or place would you must like to desire [huh?!]?
I loved Bilbo’s hobbit hole; if it were just a little taller it’d be nearly perfect. that, or the house in Rebecca. 😉

Bonus Question for comments: What Bad guy (or Bad Girl) has the ultimate lair of evil?
any old James Bond villain lairs. (anything with sharks (with lasers on their heads))