intro to weblogging

maybe sometime in the future, but not this week

Publish to the Web quickly, easily, and inexpensively! Weblogs are the hot new way to track projects and bookmarks, collaborate with teams, or share your ideas with the world. In this class you’ll learn about key technologies, explore the most common software packages, and create your first weblog. Requirements: able to use a Web browser. Minimal HTML knowledge may be helpful.

Wednesday, January 15 and Thursday, January 16, 6 – 8 p.m., Pierce College Continuing Education Puyallup

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* what is a weblog? brief history, show various formats & uses (include k-logging).
* weblog software & services: Blogger, Radio, Movable Type (LiveJournal, Webcrimson, bloxsom?). requirements, strengths & weaknesses.
* creating your first weblog, using (free) Blogger. setting up an account, choosing a template; writing, formatting, editing and deleting entries.
* advanced settings. review settings, template and archive spaces. searching for past items. the BlogIt! bookmarklet.
* using weblogs for teams. inviting team members, changing permissions, editing team member entries. publicizing your weblog: Google, RSS, blogrolling.
* communities and resources. community weblogs (/., MeFi, K5, BoingBoing), weblogging books, dive into accessibility, DayPop, directories.