and an entirely personal note

I was gonna take a picture, but I can’t find my camera. 🙁

there is a new member of the family…one of our neighbor-friends found a kitten, and wasn’t going to be able to take it in, and wasn’t going to be able to take it to the shelter during open hours. so, the same way we ended up keeping Maddy, when Jennifer A. couldn’t take her to the pound, we now have little Bandit/Boingo (still haven’t entirely decided, and he may end up with some kind of ridiculously long name that gets shorted to both names, depending).

Maddy’s doing okay (right now they’re sleeping next to each other on the couch), but Sasha is not happy. nothing violent, just lots of hissing. of course, little Boingo just follows her around – he must think she’s cool or something. 🙂