saturday morning in blogland

aside from Dorothea’s short & amusing email, I also had some email from Jacob from my comments on his “15 minutes of fame” post

I’m actually thinking about either switching to or adding Movable Type – my old host couldn’t support it, which was why I switched hosts. I like Blogger – it’s familiar, it’s simple – I even designed one of the default templates. I’d say that I have brand loyalty. but at the same time, I’m intrigued by the additional features of MT, and by the idea of hosting my own information. (on the other hand, given the flakiness of my various hosts and computers, maybe centralized storage is the way to go for me.)

I probably won’t give up Blogger, but I’d like to add MT as an adjunct – maybe start out with a special-purpose blog.

as for comments…I’m sort of inclined to Dorothea’s position, if maybe not so strongly. this blog did have a home-rolled commenting feature, a long time ago, but at the time nobody was really reading, or at least they weren’t talking back. (I had to give it up the last time I switched hosts.) I’m ambivalent, which maybe I’ll think about or explore in writing later.

(oh, and having the computer in the living room so I can blog from the couch is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I almost don’t want a laptop so bad anymore. okay, not really.)