gotta find somewhere to practice this (and a long unrelated ramble)

how to dance goth

which reminds me of something else from last night…talking about “how do you find good stuff?” (which was never really answered, btw) and Anita, in particular, was quite vocal about not wanting to link to stuff that had already been on MeFi, Boing Boing, etc. but I do, all the time…not because I care about popularity, but because I think of my blog(s) as my backup brain (I must have mentioned that here before), and I link things not only because I want my audience (hi, Kat, Kermit, Elizabeth, Dorothea? (near-instant feedback is a beautiful thing), and Jacob) to see them, but because I want to be able to find them again later.

actually, I’m thinking more & more about keywords & metadata as I blog, as I use it more & more to find things that I know I wrote about earlier.