I have such a backlog, you can’t hardly imagine

but I should finally have a little time to write next week. in the meantime, enjoy these fine links (lots more where those came from…):

– “People With Ability To Use Google And Too Much Time On Their Hands Cheer Victory Over Embattled Professional Fact Checkers, Headlines At Eleven.” best. comment. ever. (without the “headlines at eleven”, it’d make a great onion article.)
a new host? (after the sweethomes debacle, I’m wary about going with a host that’s just a couple of guys, but if they’ve managed to keep Wil Wheaton running, then they can’t be doing too badly.)
Creative Commons metadata – I don’t understand it, but it fascinates me.
“since you’re a non-profit…” – I’m perpetually cynical about non-profits now, but these guys seem damn sharp.
…must…write…css haiku
– and the book of five rings as a 5k entry (2001)

oh, and happy birthday, K. when I finish unpacking (mrs. krabapple sez: “ha!”), I might hafta post that poem I wrote for your 25th, when we weren’t speaking.