rant-o-matic, or: I want walkie-talkies!

so we got cell phones again, and they’re just as much of a pain in the ass as they were the last time we tried (for about a week last winter(?)) – the coverage is absolutely lousy out at the college; steilacoom doesn’t like cell towers. and they’re too small, too hard to hear in (I think I’m gradually going deaf), too many cords if I carry around the hands-free and the power cord. grumble. (and over $50/month is too damn much.)

we’ll probably be taking them back; maybe get blackberries or pagers, which would at least have the benefit of being cheaper.

but what I really want is just souped-up walkie talkies, so that C & I can ping each other from wherever, since we’re going to be spread across 2 & sometimes three counties, taking the bus, etc., etc. this fall. something cheap – I’d almost prefer text messaging over voice. which reminds me of something that I can’t remember where I saw it…about how voice-driven computing isn’t always a good idea. (much better, in class or a meeting, to type: get some tortillas on your way home than to say it!) and if it just connected two devices – nothing else – that would be fab. I don’t want to have a cell phone where everyone in creation has my number; I just want to tell my sweetie that I’m running late and he can wait another half-hour to come pick me up, or vice versa.

there was more to that rant this morning, but it’s dissipated over the day.

in an unrelated thought, I’m chewing over some of my past from someone else’s site. I may need to dig out the boxes of journals…I’m wondering if I should write something as well, another facet or something.

and a bluffer’s guide to web standards.