sometimes technology is frustrating

today the cell phones will go back…it’s just not worth it when reception out at the college is non-existant.

I want to plan a trip – I know (approx.) the destination, and I know that it’s a driving trip, and that camping is preferred to motels. but I can’t figure out how to plan that without bouncing between state & national park web sites, map sites (so far, expedia & rand mcnally have been most helpful), and an actual paper road atlas.

oh, and C is having trouble with the people at the men’s wearhouse because they don’t have the right information stored for the shirt & tie he needs. (update – apparently, there was some sort of fiasco somewhere else down the line. extra shirts & ties will be provided at the end of the journey.)

not technology, but still frustrating: my mother and my aunt. now Jane won’t let mom in the house; she has to meet my (very ill) grandmother in a restaurant. I’m about ready to swing into action, if I can figure out what I want to do. if grandma’s still alive then, I’d like to see her on my way to the reunion in September.