so this morning I had

so this morning I had my MRI – it was sort of relaxing, actually, just laying in this big white tube, half thinking about projects I’m working on, half napping. it was noisy, but the tech gave me earplugs, so it wasn’t too bad. I won’t know the results until next week.

it’s raining again this morning,

it’s raining again this morning, but when I left the house, the whole eastern sky was bright. as I came up over the far south parking lot, it was starting to cloud up that way, but it still looked like [choral music, rising] angels descending. oh, and I saw a bunny rabbit – short ears, brown. we stared at each other for several minutes.

randomness…. I’m listening to: 96.5


I’m listening to: 96.5 “The Point” (and, on my computer speakers, very faintly, I91. somebody finally called me from Clover Park today – thank you Scott Cortesi!!!!!)
I’m reading: Musashi, by Eiji Yoshikawa
interesting blog:
last movie I saw: Snatch, with Kat
I’m writing: well, my web log. but also the first love section of my novel.

nothing important, really, just more stuff.

here it is. the kids

here it is. the kids are in green, relationships are red lines between people. I realized, as I was doing this, that all the relationships, except for Eileen & Lisa, are romances. not sure what that means.

once again, I’ve wasted an

once again, I’ve wasted an entire evening playing the Sims. not much time with Jason/Emily/Eileen tonight – I booted the Fam family (single mom w/2 kids) and started up 2 separate households, both single women. Roberta Smith (hint: she has wild black hair, dresses all in black, and is a hypnotist) and Cheryl Shapely. I made Cheryl super-neat, super-active, and hardly at all nice. result? she is a total bitch. she actually insulted Frankie (? I can’t tell him & Homer apart, except for the clothes) and tried VOODOO on Sylvia Marie, which got her slapped. oh, and she drinks like a fish and laughs at horror movies. great, huh? Roberta is fun too – she & Homer are having a wild affair, and I’ve actually managed to get her a pretty nice pad without using the cheat at all.

this is how into it I am – I made a chart with all the doings of my main neighborhood. oh, except I just realized that I forgot Joan!