home for lunch – an

home for lunch – an absolutely gorgeous day. I’m so glad we brought the computer down to the kitchen. now I can look out on the lovely (if unmowed) backyard from my computer. while I eat my lunch…nice multitasking, eh?

feeling re-energized. solving a coding problem seems to break all those other creative blocks, and vice versa, which is why I did nothing more last night than read more of Musashi.

what a bizarre & fascinating book. Japanese historical novel, set in early 1600s, written as a serial in the mid-1930s. great rollicking story, remarkably gory tho. a fictionalization of the real life Musashi, who wrote The Book of Five Rings, which I gather is all about swordsmanship and life – the way of the sword & all that. given the time it was written, and the emphasis on the Way of the Samurai/Way of the Sword, I wonder how it fits into the political world of its day (pre-WWII Japanese imperialism, etc.). I find myself wanting to read more about the history of Japan, which I know only glancingly, despite my class in Asian Lit in college. I seem to remember that the period of puppet theater that I wrote my big paper on is about the same time as the setting of the novel. hmmm.

gonna go work on some new jewelry…..