sampled from an email to

sampled from an email to Q:

grrr. why do otherwise interesting people/writers have such a block about scifi? I really wanted to read what Sunshine was writing.

heavy sigh.

okay, I need to rant for a moment….

what the fuck is it with this “I don’t do scifi” thing?! yes, you were the same way, Matt. and Sharon did that too – I still remember…”oh, I can’t critique this” blah blah fucking blah. it’s just writing, for god’s sake. it’s not like it’s writing in a foreign language. yeah, it has its own history & conventions – so does young adult fiction, so does autobiography, hell, so does modern “literary fiction”! is it not literary enough? is it the made-up words & imaginary stuff? you’re telling a story. if you can handle the suspension of disbelief in reading any other work of fiction (or fact), then why is scifi so damn different?

there are ABSOLUTELY things that an informed reader of scifi can give to a writer of scifi – because people who love the genre can feel when it’s derivitive – or can recommend works that might be inspirational. but I really believe that’s true of any genre…and that well-written scifi can appeal to people who love other good writing. because if you’re doing it right, then you’re telling an interesting story. and THOSE elements are the same, no matter what the tale: technically solid writing, creative use of language, compelling characters, meaningful plot motion.

maybe I’m just a weirdo…I jump all over the place, both in reading & in writing. and I that cross-genre experience informs ALL of my writing. heck, the Japanese historical novel I’m reading right now is giving me inspiration for Aila – and is reminding me of a favorite high fantasy series.

<deep breath>

okay, I’m better. but I am curious if s/he is making this call just based on the stuff that Bruce & I sent out or what. I am resisting sending out an email with a gentler version of my rant.

<another deep breath, climbing off soapbox>

what the fuck. I guess there are some things I just don’t understand.