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Archives for May 2015

birthday socks

Adjustments for two-at-a-time circular

(some of this was copied from notes on paper about two months after I finished the socks. YMMV.)

Heel flap

After the last row of the last leg pattern repeat:

(SL1,K1) across first 32 stitches of sock A
Turn to wrong side, SL1,P31
Continue to sock B, SL1, P31
Turn to right side and (SL1,K1) across same stitches.

Repeat for same number of rows/slipped stitches as in written pattern.

(Also going with (SL1/K1)* instead of SL1/K31 for right side because I like it.)

Heel turn

(something about this didn’t go quite right, but it’s now been two months, so I’m not sure what! here’s what I have written down in my notes, tho)

Turn heel B as per directions
K across
pick up 15

Turn heel A as per directions
K across
pick up 15
Row 1 lace
pick up 15

Sock B row 1 lace
pick up 15


not sure where the break is in this

A: K to last 2 – K2TOG – Lace pattern – SSK – K across
B: Lace pattern – SSK – K to last 2 – K2Tog

D&D & Drupal

list of urls, query path to scrape data, migrate for pathfinder! migrate & spotify marvel character database, star wars character api D8 has symphony’s DOM parser 3.5 SRD MySQL data dump Pathfinder has it as CSV. isotope module (for hiding & showing?) wacky dice stories.


[context: at some point Google Site Search is probably going to be prohibitively expensive. is this a good alternative?] Lucene is an underlying search technology, from Apache, in Java. Same as Solr. big diff from Solr is that it’s clusterable? is that something that matters for us? I’ve no idea. also, I have no goddamn […]


Someone from Evergreen should go to Write the Docs? (these are notes on phone.) I think there’s a lot to bring from this to documentation of things at work. The idea of curation, pruning, caretaking of articles. Everything has an owner/editor, at least. Edit as pull request.

flavors of svg

I’m in this one for Justin, mostly, and to see what modules and things we should be going with. svg is just ridic cool. inline svg — could that be added via embed entity (or whatever that’s called) — I hope I’m not getting too far ahead. TBH, this part is all about all the […]

revisions everywhere

undoing delete? problems with concurrent editing the issue of distributed content generation …. demo of a module for D8 — I’ve already forgotten the name. [nb: Multiversion] tree showing split “revision tree” when editing in two sites that are supposed to be in sync. [so is there a D7 contrib module that works like Cascade’s […]