men, women, and the places where I’ve worked

In the time that I’ve been doing web design and development, I’ve worked in four organizations. Curiously, all of them have had primarily women employees, and the marketing departments that I’ve worked in have been overwhelmingly female. But all of them have had overwhelmingly male IT departments.

United Way: about 30 employees, when I started there marketing was two men, two women. One of the men (the dept head) moved into a different position and the other left. Both were replaced with women, and I joined them part of the time in my web design capacity. The IT “department” was one guy, who I also reported to, but didn’t get to work with as much as I would have liked.

Pierce College: a few hundred employees, maybe 10 people in marketing, two men (again, including the department head); IT was almost all men. I worked with a woman intern who started in IT but preferred working with me. I think they had a woman office manager type, maybe a few of the client support staff?

TwinStar: maybe two hundred employees, tellers & call center mostly women, upper management more heavily male. Half a dozen in marketing, two men, one of them the boss. (See another pattern?) Two IT groups, the internal one was 3-5 people, all men; the other group had four programmers, I think; one woman, plus IIRC a woman office manager.

Evergreen: a few hundred employees? A lot of women. Marketing is a dozen people, two men (a third just left)…and yes, one of those men is the boss. There’s four (?) IT groups; one is led by a woman, with some other women employees; two groups have one woman programmer each.

No conclusions here, and I wouldn’t assume any ill intent by most of the people involved, but it’s not a pattern I’m happy about.