seasons: this time in metric!

An addendum to my previous writing about seasons….

I switched the weather app on my phone (Weatherbug, FWIW) from Fahrenheit to Celsius the other day. I expected to be surprised by the number: 8 degrees?! And that’s kinda mild? I don’t even. But expected.

But I hadn’t thought much about each degree being “bigger”, so that today’s forecast is 6C. That’s 6 for a high and 6 for a low. And I’m pretty sure it’ll be a bit warmer at 2pm than at 8am. Several of our mini-seasons feature very small variations between high and low temps, so that it’s pretty much exactly the same temperature, in Celsius, at any time of day or night.

Strange. Mostly, I just wish my weather app did decimal points, because I’m pretty sure I could feel the difference between 6.1C and 6.9C.