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seasons: this time in metric!

An addendum to my previous writing about seasons…. I switched the weather app on my phone (Weatherbug, FWIW) from Fahrenheit to Celsius the other day. I expected to be surprised by the number: 8 degrees?! And that’s kinda mild? I don’t even. But expected. But I hadn’t thought much about each degree being “bigger”, so […]

seasons: summer and its surroundings

These are the seasons that I’m thinking of with longing… Pre-Summer – as I said in my previous post, I’m not sure of the exact boundary of Warm Spring and Pre-Summer, but it’s basically June and the beginning of July. There will be days like summer, sunny and 70s, but also quite a bit of […]

seasons: springs

As I muse over the distinction between Cold Spring and Warm Spring, I’m realizing that it’s been long enough that I’m not entirely sure of the difference — plus the last time those seasons came around I hadn’t really started on this little conceptual project. So I imagine I’ll want to do some revising in […]


Eight seasons! Towards a list of seasons that reflects the actual climate here.