seasons: springs

As I muse over the distinction between Cold Spring and Warm Spring, I’m realizing that it’s been long enough that I’m not entirely sure of the difference — plus the last time those seasons came around I hadn’t really started on this little conceptual project. So I imagine I’ll want to do some revising in a few months! That said…

Cold Spring — March and April, warmer than Wet Winter, and now is when things start growing. For me in recent years, it’s when I first get going on the bike again, although I don’t know if that will be the case this year. Another season when day and night temperature are often less than 10 degrees apart. Plenty of rain, interspersed with some early nice days. Frost is rare but not impossible.

Warm Spring — May, basically. No more chance of frost, and the first days in the 60s. Can be very erratic…

As I write, I’m also wondering about the distinction between Warm Spring and Pre-Summer. I know all of these distinctions exist, but where the boundaries between all the other seasons are pretty clear in my head, these ones not so much.

(Another grouping: the Springs (Cold, Warm, Pre-Summer); the Summers (True Summer and Dry Fall), and the Winters (Wet Fall, Icy Winter, Wet Winter). Which is funny, because one of the things that I was excited about in moving from Southern California was getting actual fall, and this grouping drops Fall entirely.)

Maybe I’ll come back to this set later, and in my next post write about True Summer and Dry Fall. (The most wonderful time of the year!)