deploy webinar

since I’m still in drupal mode, and in note-taking mode….

missed a chunk for a phone call.

I’m still really intrigued by deploy, generally speaking.

important to note that there’s a bunch of stuff that needs to be turned on in the live site.

sessionid authentication: how does it work?

[I REALLY need to move the awards section to a totally different site. For reals.]

have to manage site title by hand after deploying. so would it be most appropriate to run during the OMG EARLY updates? not so great for regular content updates. hm.

[to go on the to-do list, for the 987th time: drush.]

what? cck fields can be difficult? o.O wondering what 3rd party modules are problematic.

what’s left to do for deploy to get out of dev? well, he does want to get it done before leaving for sweden, so that’s something.

seen in irc: “You could set the $site_name in the settings.php file in the $conf array”

no cck3 support, does that also mean existing multigroups? (multigroups are a BFD for me.)

oh, am I remembering correctly that services requires PHP5.2? hrm.

argh, all this is way too distracting! not just the webinar window & audio, but IRC, the usual distractions of the web, and the usual noises of the office.

ah, of course PHP’s implementation of uuid isn’t actually standard. :\

and zooooom, went over my head. I’ve got lots of other things on my list, I think deploy will, alas, have to continue to wait.