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d7 overview

even vaguer notes than usual.

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came in late.

performance improvements.

not really taking great notes, but some interesting stuff nonetheless.

Xmas-time release? http://drupal7releasedate.com/

sprint tonite at century plaza hotel lobby.

download, install, test, report bugs. (could I do that w/my pet project? well, there’s a feeds alpha.)

I should make a spreadsheet like the one I did when I was looking towards moving work site to Drupal, waiting for D6 as an option, since it was SO much better.

contextual links module? [update: oh, a lot like the links in the zen theme. but nicer looking.]

documentation patches that need work. o hey. 🙂 “novice” tag.

shouldn’t be any big changes, esp between D7-beta & final.

naming standards for CSS/class names?

they need more themers. ah, that too is something I could look at. (again, the pet project.) theming guide is a critical issue.

sounds like multigroup is solid, altho no gui? would be curious to look into that more, because multigroup is a critical aspect of our site.

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